Saturday, July 5, 2014

Major League Baseball

Visits to all Major League Baseball Teams at their home parks has been a passion and goal for "Two Friends" that have traveled across our North American continent more than once in search of their dreams.

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Map of MLB Cities

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MLB Ball Parks

Friday, July 4, 2014

Arizona Diamondbacks

Have only been to Phoenix once to see their only (so far) ballpark, however it was rather an important event, as that was to complete a major milestone of completing visits to all Major League Cities at that time. Needless to say, that was back in 2004 and there have been many more park visits to other cities since then. Actually this trip took over a month to complete and see six ball games.

Other travels made Phoenix a pit stop to see the Cubs for spring training. 

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Atlanta Braves

Atlanta was one of our first cities to visit and it was not until several years later that we took the plunge and made a goal of seeing all 26 teams (at that time).
Little did we know that another park would be built for the Olympics and then modified for the Braves. Of course we made the trip. There is talk now that another park is on the drawing boards and once again we will be on the road. This could be a first, 3 visits to a city to see 3 different parks. 

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Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore was a major trip (6 teams) where we went to Camden Yards to see the Orioles play the Yankees. Was not really that impressed with the Ballpark or the city at that time. 

Returning years later to see the new park (Camden Yards) near a reworked waterfront area changed the perspective. Have returned several times because of the efforts made.

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Boston Red Sox

Yes the park is old, but the history there far outweighs the structure and they continue to modify Fenway to the point of not destroying one great old Ballpark. 

The visit here was on our first ball trip away from home (1978), however it was revisited several times and hopefully several more times. 

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